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Posté par Bemile Mavinga le 28 juillet 2009

Congolese rape of woman is raping the Congolese nation!  

Rape has long been considered a « necessary evil » in the contexts of war. The practical corollary to the war, tends to humiliation. Sexual violence is profoundly dehumanizing, it causes mental and physical trauma and is often accompanied by intense fear, shame and stigma. Women who were raped are also marginalized.

Rape moreover is a great physical and psychological suffering is followed by rejection of the woman by her community and the shameful man who failed to protect her. Because of the social stigma that still surrounds rape generally, many have been rejected by their husbands, their families and their communities. Rape, as you all know, the degradation is more serious and more deeply felt by a woman but this woman is a symbol of survival and dignity of the nation.

Violence against women in Congo has not only held on the sidelines of the conflict, but it was routinely used as a weapon of war. Women and girls are often especially targeted during the war, to terrorize people. Even when the fighting stopped, the abuse and exploitation often continue, sometimes without being recognized or detected. Yet the health and well-being socio-economic status of women are essential to sustainable development of the nation. When the attack is made on the woman’s group, community, political ideology and the honor of the whole nation is concerned.

The war aims to conquer territories, destroy the culture embodied by the woman in its cultural and family is why rape is a complete and total annihilation of a society or nation.

Rape is endemic in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where it has been used as a weapon of war, a tactic designed to terrorize, destroy and humiliate communities and its impact is devastating even in the long term. Today in Congo, rape is not a simple consequence of the war, he becomes a weapon for political terror, and to eradicate our people, a kind of ethnic cleansing to balkanize our country. Thousands of women are battered or raped every day in Congo, often forgotten victims of conflict throughout

And women have been raped in the
Congo with extraordinary brutality.
It is our duty to defend our people, but also and especially to ensure that Congolese women can not in future suffer this humiliation, as if there was no man for Congolese protected.

Know that: « If had touches of Congolese women, it’s you and me we touch directly. Make your voice heard and join our fight to defend Congolese women who only suffer humiliation because of our indifference and our irresponsibility.

Bemile Mavinga Hubert 


Saving the Congo 

The Congolese must take into account the common fate they share over a century.  The time has come to establish a new social and political movement of the Congolese people, youth and intellectuals Congo, bringing together all the people and the son of the Congo, to save the country from poverty in transforming the conditions of our people and defending our sovereignty and our wealth.

If the Congolese seem powerless to change the country, simply because we are not united. I therefore appeal to the unity of all intellectuals and all the son and Congolese girls to form a united front against all the forces that continue to maintain the Congolese people in poverty.

So, I say to intellectuals and Congolese that it is time to wake up and take the situation of our country in hands for a prosperous nation. The main objectives of the social and political movement will be simple, unity, justice, freedom and development of theCongo.

The misery does not reflect our clan or tribal origins, it affects everyone the same way. A popular appeal is launched, to be heard so that a large-scale action is taken to save the population and the Congolese nation.

All intellectuals who love their country are invited to put their knowledge and their intelligence to develop a realistic vision of society. Use all the structures you have to attract the masses and especially the youth, and our victory will be assured. 

We need all the son and daughters of the country. 

Send your ideas to Bemile Mavinga Hubert.

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Posté par Bemile Mavinga le 28 juillet 2009

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