Un Futur pour le Congo

Posté par Bemile Mavinga le 7 août 2009


Un Futur pour le Congo

Les Congolais doivent prendre en considération le sort commun qu’ils partagent depuis il y a de cela plus d’un siècle. Le moment est venu pour fonder un nouveau mouvement social et politique des Congolais, des jeunes et d’intellectuels Congo, réunissant tous le peuple et tous les fils et filles du Congo, pour sauver le pays de la misère en transformant les conditions de nos habitants et en défendant notre souveraineté et nos richesses.

Si les congolais semblent impuissance à changer le pays, c’est tout simplement parce que nous somme pas unis. Je lance donc un appel à l’unité de tous les intellectuels et de tous les fils et filles Congolais à constituer un front contre toutes les forces qui continuent à maintenir les Congolais dans la misère.

Je dis donc aux intellectuels et aux congolais que le moment est venu de se réveiller et de prendre la situation de notre pays en mains pour une nation prospère. Les principaux objectifs de ce mouvement social et politique seront simples, l’unité, la justice, la liberté et le développement du Congo.

La misère ne tient pas compte de nos origines tribales ou claniques, elle frappe tout le monde de la même manière. Un appel populaire est donc lancer, pour se faire entendre afin qu’une action de grande envergure soit menée pour sauver la population et la nation congolaise.

Tous les intellectuels qui aiment bien leur pays sont invités à venir mettre tout leur savoir et toute leur intelligence pour élaborer un projet de société réaliste. Utilisez toutes les structures dont vous disposez pour attirer les masses et surtout la jeunesse, et notre victoire sera assurée.  Envoyer vos idées à Bemile Mavinga Hubert. Nous avons besoin de tous les fils et les filles du pays.   


 A Future for Congo

The Congolese must take into account the common fate that we share over a century.  The time has come to establish a new social and political movement of the Congolese people, youth and intellectuals Congo, bringing together all the people and the sons and daugthers of Congo, to save the country from poverty in transforming the conditions of our people and defending our sovereignty and our wealth.

If the Congolese seem powerless to change the country, simply because we are not united. I therefore appeal to the unity of all intellectuals and all the son and Congolese girls to form a united front against all the forces that continue to maintain the Congolese people in poverty.

So, I say to intellectuals and Congolese that it is time to wake up and take the situation of our country in hands for a prosperous nation. The main objectives of the social and political movement will be simple, unity, justice, freedom and development of the Congo. The misery does not reflect our clan or tribal origins, it affects everyone the same way.

A popular appeal is launched, to be heard so that a large-scale action is taken to save the population and the Congolese nation. All intellectuals who love their country are invited to put their knowledge and their intelligence to develop a realistic vision of society. Use all the structures you have to attract the masses and especially the youth, and our victory will be assured. 

Send your ideas to Bemile Mavinga Hubert.

We need all the son and daughters of the country.   


6 Réponses à “Un Futur pour le Congo”

  1. Ambrose Nzeyimana dit :

    The Congolese problem is not unique on the African continent. I understand that as Congolese, the priority is the home country. What is happening in the Great Lakes Region of Africa is typical of the neo-colonialism trend where local warlords institutionalised as Presidents rule not for the interests of their citizens but instead for themselves and their commissioners.

    Why don’t you invite people for a meeting but with a proper agenda well thought through before sending it out. What do you want to achieve? ETC Who do you want to contribute? What will happen after? Try to do all this as disinterested as you can.

  2. balondo dit :

    je veux que notre pays aille de l’avant,

  3. balondo dit :

    moi je suis congolais,je veux soutenir mon pays jusqu’à mon dernier soufle

  4. Paulin dit :

    The congolese problems’ roots are deep. To help to solve them requires a serious examination about causes as well as solutions. In my opinion, I dont think we need another political party for that. The more we are divided the more it is easy to dominate us. The best approach would be to get together and think about the real politics, not the one led by parties but the underground politics that can help to put in place a real nation, you can’t build upon a nation that doesn’t really exists as a real one. I have my blog where I invite people to first look at the history to find out the roots of the problems and thereafter, together, think about what to do.
    If you don’t mind have a look at: tosololayango.blogspot.com (it is in french, but english is also okay)
    I am just in beginning and need your contributions.
    For my brothers of « LNC », let us first know who you are, what is your plan and we will see how to contribute. I love you all.

  5. Jean-Claude dit :

    Dear Brethren Congolese!

    I would want take this opportunity to wake up and thing as Brother Mavinga thought about our Congo that has lost the colour and the image since years. it is true that the situation doesn’t affect our culture or tribes but it affects our future and our children future. We have to stand up against everything that is taking us back into the grave of death. May God bless CONGO and all Congolese who have heart and desire of sharing at least a word of rebuilding the destroyed paradise (CONGO). It is now everybody’s duty to take a part and think about what we’re living and try to eradicate the poverty in our national community. Unity is power, we can’t stop uniting ourselves in declaring the truth of what we live. Think and answer yourself Why the Democratic republic of Congo is no longer shining as other countries of the world? We need to know the truth if, really Congo has resources or not! If Yes! Till when the innocent population will starve to death due to the lack of payment or wages ofter serving years and years? We need to know that Congolese population is not led by Pharaoh. Pharaoh’s time has passed while Israelite were in Egypt. We have to stand against other situation. Don’t accept to live a tribulation before its time. the tribulation will be during the rapture as the Bible says.

    If you’re a true Congolese, read and think about! We are not building the Pyramids of Memphis.

    Thanks for understanding!

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